Friday, May 22, 2009

About Last Night

by: Simone Grant

OK, I couldn't resist.

And yeah, I know that a significant number of my readers are too young to get that reference. Oh well.

Here's what happened, in brief:

I met the European outside the movie theater. Now a couple of quick notes. First, I was having a major wardrobe malfuction. I had decided to wear a specific black summer dress which has a scoop neck, that isn't especially low. But it has to be worn with a specific bra. I know I'm about to lose all my male readers here. Stay with me. I was running late, and had all of 2 minutes to get dressed (I realized at the last minute that my toenail polish had gotten really chipped in the last 24 hours and so needed to redo that, which took 15 minutes...). Anyway, I couldn't find the bra that went with this dress. So I had to go with 2nd best, the only other bra I have that is low enough. And that one is a push up. Well, the effect of the push up bra and the scoop neck was that all night long it looked like I was about to come out of my dress. It was not subtle. Not the way I usually dress.

The second thing was that he picked a really great movie for us to see. I was a little peeved to find that he is a movie talker. Not excessively so, but a little. Hey, no one's perfect.

After the movie we went for drinks and a light supper. Again, he chose someplace wonderful. And we had a great conversation. We found out many more things we have in common. Two of them being great passions of mine that I've written about here and here.

So everything was great, right? Well, yeah. Kinda.

We were in a neighborhood a little far from where we each lived. After dinner he asked if he could grab me a cab. I thought that maybe we'd kiss a little while waiting and then maybe(?) he'd hop in with me. Instead, he just gave me a little peck, barely even a kiss, and I went home alone. He texted me within minutes to say goodnight and we've exchanged many texts since and we now have plans to go out tomorrow night in my neighborhood (his suggestion).

So that's that.

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