Friday, May 22, 2009

Advice and Tips for Twitter Dating a Gemini

by K. R. Smith

May 21-June 21: Gemini

Dating Advice and Tips for Twitter Dating a Gemini:

Gemini’s love to communicate, and also make great listeners. They also tend to be great multi-taskers. Twitter is a great tool for them to combine these three qualities. They can satisfy their need for learning, laughing and maintaining multiple conversations. Do keep in mind that they enjoy intellectual and witty conversations. They are best matched to someone with a steady, strong personality who will enjoy their butterfly socializing, yet will still be there for them when having a bad day.

It might be a little difficult to start this date up. Since they tend to fall in love with people who stimulate their curiousity & intelligence it’s a perfect time to show off your skills by using some witty twirting & ice-breakers. Be patient, once the Gemini has warmed up you might just get what you were looking for. They will act cautiously while they get to know someone and will open their heart little by little.

Gemini’s like to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, (can you say Twitter, anyone?) to travel and to be in motion. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini people are very curious and their mind always requests more information. Gemini’s are likely to have large Twitter followings and to communicate with many of them as often as possible, and are likely to host many tweet-ups.

Gemini Dating Tip:
The first impression is very important when dating a Gemini. Show off your best side. People born under the sign of Gemini are very communicative and like to talk. Just lean back, relax, and listen. Break the ice by creative twirting, being sure to use open-ended questions that allow them to shine with creative and witty responses. Most Gemini people cannot stand aggressiveness; they will escape from rude people and tense situations. Keep it light-hearted and avoid stalking them!

Finding a Gemini on Twitter:
Want to Twitter Date a Gemini? Go to and complete a profile. When it asks “My ideal 140Love is…” be sure to note Gemini. This will be a keyword used to help find you a match on Twitter. Make sure you note your own sign as well, who knows how many are looking for you!

Specific Advice By Sign:
If you would like advice about your sexual compatibility with a Gemini (by sign) add your request to the comments or email

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