Monday, May 11, 2009

How to find the love of your life on twitter

- First, i hate to do gratuitous promotion but I'm a believer in the / Twitter dating model. Its simple: You fill out a profile, it searches for everyone on Twitter who also filled out a profile who might match you. You then autofollow each other. This is a good starting point to find single people on Twitter who might match you.

- For the people that match you, look at their tweet streams on your 140love Feed we set up for you on the site. Using their tweets you can go way beyond the typical dating site profile to see who you might really want to connect with.

- DM them for a date. Heck, you both match each other, you're both following each other, you like each other's tweet streams. Now connect!

- Having trouble planning the date? No problem. DM me at @jaltucher or DM Simone at @140lover and we will personally help you plan that date and find something funky, interesting, staid, or whatever you want to plan that special evening.

- Now's the Twitter Courtship phase. Don't forget: your future wife/husband is studying your tweet stream. Tweet links about your favorite interests. Tweet what you do during the day but don't be boring. Find the things you do that are different from anyone else and tweet about it. Or try to be boring for the fun of it. Whatever.

- read the tweet streams of bloggers who focus on dating who also have twitter IDs and tweet a lot. Check out @140love and @140lovebird for their blogs and their lists of bloggers they like.

- Every day, check back at for your new matches. We're young. But as we get new signups, you'll get new matches every day. We set up your 140love feed so you see the tweets of all the people who match you.

- Don't like who we match you with? No problem. "Browse profiles" on our site lets you look through all of our signups.

- Send me or @140love your twitter dating experience. We need to learn! And we'll post the good ones so everyone can learn. Share the knowledge!

- Worst case: you get new followers, new friends, and there's always tomorrow!


  1. Great article. Twitter is such a wonderful place to build relationships and find that special someone.

  2. gotta love 140 lover take on modern love...