Thursday, May 21, 2009


by: Simone Grant

This is going to be posted on Thursday morning, using the little timer system they have. I'm writing it on Wednesday. I have a date tonight with The European. We're seeing a movie and then going out for drinks after that. And well, I've scheduled time this afternoon to clean my apartment. Ahem.

So, I don't think I'll have time to write after my date or early tomorrow morning. I hope. Date details will have to wait.

There's something else, something totally out of left field I wanted to write about anyway.

There was this guy I'd been flirting with on Twitter. This was before I started working for 140love, before 140love even launched.

He sent me a DM one day and I wasn't completely repulsed and so we started flirting. It eventually moved to email. He read my blog (oh yeah, it's entirely possible that he's reading this now) and so knew my blog persona and I eventually felt comfortable enough telling him some things about myself that most of my blog readers don't know.

We were supposed to get together last week. We didn't have definite plans or anything. But I thought it was understood that we were going to finally meet. And then he disappeared. Completely.

Now, people disappear from Twitter all the time. They sign up, they play around for a few weeks or months, they get bored and then they quit. He disappeared from Twitter last week, the same day that he didn't reply to my last email (which was part of an ongoing discussion).

So I figure he just got bored with Twitter, it wasn't getting him what he wanted (laid, I guess) and so he quit. Or maybe he wanted to blow me off and figured he might as well quit Twitter at the same time. Who knows or really cares?

The lesson here? I don't think there is one. Just that I was smart to withhold a lot of info about myself, even though he made a big deal about the fact that I was doing so. And that I'm glad I know enough to not really care about this stuff. I don't feel rejected. You can't be rejected by someone who doesn't even know you.

It's just this weird thing that happened. And now it's over and I have a little story to tell about it. Nothing more.


  1. I guess I never thought of Twitter as a place to "Flirt" its a funny thought. Maybe he was a 13 yr old kid from Kansas who got busted by his mom flirting online. hahahaha! Great post...


  2. Nater,
    Hah, you could be right. It didn't even occur to me that he wasn't who he said he was. Truth is that I give people on Twitter a lot less scrutiny than I would people on online dating sites people I can read through their streams and see their conversations with other people. But you're right, he could have been anyone.